Urgent medical referral and evacuation after a shark bite in Brazil

Traveller Assist was activated to provide an immediate medical referral for a shark bite victim who was in critical condition in Recife, Brazil.

The quick-thinking-partner of the victim, remembering that their travel insurance policy included medical assistance, called their insurer immediately.

The shark bite victim was literally still laying on the beach as first aid was being administered when our assistance centre received the call.

Our medical team acted quickly to arrange an ambulance from a nearby network hospital who had the capabilities to deal with such a trauma. The patient was transported to the hospital and wheeled straight into the operating theatre.

The shark bite stretched from the patients left upper thigh, around his torso, up to his armpit. The patient had lost a lot of blood and was unconscious.

After 28-weeks of providing ongoing medical assistance, the patient was stable enough to be transferred home to Perth, Australia.

As an assistance company, this was our longest case, and for the insurance company, it was their most expensive case to date, at a total cost of USD $1.6 million.

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