Assistance with lost passport, wallet & flight tickets in Nicaragua

Traveller Assist was contacted through Twitter by a traveller who had lost his travel documents, money and credit cards while travelling in Nicaragua. He was scheduled to fly within 72-hours for an ongoing trip through central and south America.

Our Assistance Centre contacted the traveller's insurance company on his behalf to explain the situation. While his insurance company was not our client, they appreciated our proactive response, and activated us to assist with the case.

We arranged an emergency travel document from the traveller's embassy, and assisted with filing a police report in Managua to help with the ongoing insurance claim. We also arranged for emergency funds to be sent to Western Union in Managua to help the traveller pay for his food, hotel and transportation.

We advised the traveller to call his credit card company to cancel his bank cards, and we arranged for a replacement photo ID card to be sent to meet him at his next location.

The traveller was able to fly 48-hours later than scheduled, and we are pleased to say that his travel insurance company was so happy with our services, that they are now a valued Traveller Assist client.

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